Microsoft Skype Operations Framework (SOF) Network Assessment Options


It started with the Call Quality Methodology Framework. It has Evolved into the Skype Operations Framework. I am calling out two specific tools in the SOF, that you should be aware about. I had to do a little digging to understand what the purpose of 2 particular tools are and when you would use them.



First you have the Skype for Business Network Assessment tool. This is a simple tool, run from the server, that will test the LAN. This may not give a complex view of the network, but may give you insite to local issues. You need to populate a CONFIG file, then run the command line tool. you get back a pass/fail type of text report. This is nothing fancy.

If this does not give you enough detail, you may purchase the UCAccessor tool. IR.Prognosis is a very good tool to use, to get you an advanced look at network issues. The price runs around the $800 range for full retail, but This is just hearsay. You will need to get a key from your vendor, and the price is likely been negotiated, in advance by the vendor, so I am sure prices will vary.

You should pay attention to the entire SOF. Follow the steps to deploy and maintain your Skype for Business Deployment, but I wanted to call these two tools out, as they are likely going to help with issues with the Networks we work on. Because you know the issue is never the Network.

With that, Ill leave you with a little poem. This is a Haiku:

  • Packets flowing fast
  • get stuck stuck between VLAN 6
  • The Network is Fine

And finally, A tool that is a holly grail, is the IR Prognosis. This tool is what you want to monitor you’re Skype for business environment. This Management monitoring application can tell you what is wrong with a call, in real time, while an agent is on the phone!. I saw it. I want a copy for my single Server Lab. It is an awesome  product and I recommend it for anyone who wants to see what’s really going on with your network. The tool uses snmp and SDN to get information from every device in the network. It is like nothing I have seen to date.

Thank you for reading and I hope this tool comes up when your looking for network problems.



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