Skype Operations Framework (SOF) Big Subject of Skype For Business at Ignite 2016 and UC SDN ; we need a way to get that Network Info today!



I will likely have an in depth review of how to use the Skype Operations Framework, as I have bunch of training coming up on the subject. I will be eager to share with you. For now, I just want to deliver the message and present the resources to access the Academy and training around this important new addition to Skype for Business.

What Is Skype Operation Framework (SOF)?

SOF is a methodology to Plan Deploy and Maintain SFB.

How do I learn SOF?

There are some great resources available to you today to get to the bottom of this methodology. But first you deserve a more professional, less boring explanation of the product. I am shocked how much is already written about it. Rather then bore you with text, I found the videos that discus the topic. Brian Nyce is one of my favorite UC Microsoft people and his video on SOF is very good.



In addition to this, Ali Rohani, from Skype Engineering, can better speak to the subject then I. Take a look at his video as well:



Now that you have a better feel for what SOF is, Please accept these links below for further training on the new addition to SFB. Ignite 2016 was very much behind this product, as well as the coming of the cloud. Please begin to look at MS azure and Office 365. This is where the stream is taking us, so we need to get our feet wet, and then take a swim!



Other Urgent Needs in UC Today

I forgot, before I close, There is one subject that goes hand in hand with SOF.How? Its the other weak link in the deployment. Knowing what the network looks like and what it can handle, is one use case. Another use is the Post Deploy and Maintenance phase. SDN can monitor and provide real time monitoring data. This is key. This data can be used to shape the network traffic dynamically. That is where we are supposed to be going, say the visionaries.

UC SDN, is something we still dont see alot in the field (at least I have not), but we need to be looking for in 2017. PR.ognosis is a great product for all aspects of monitoring for SFB. It uses SNMP and the SDN API. This is the only way to get the deep information we need to monitor networks properly for SFB. This is my firm belief. I am watching for the first scripting to come out, to allow us to automate, say with power shell. I may have to break into the SDK myself, and see what I can do. we need to get there fast. Take a look at this link. SOF is part of the equation, but so is the SDN API. Watch out PR.Ognosis, you will have competition, one day!

Pascal Menezes A very dedicated UC Expert

Thank you,




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