How to make a .ISO File for Drivers or Platform updates for Offline Server 2016


So I hope I captured the mission of this blog With the title. I was trying to update some firmware and drivers over a DRAC/ILO. I found it was quite hard to find a way to wrap your BIOS and CHIP-SET into an ISO file unless that ISO was going to be the size of a Full Van Halen Double DVD! Or worse, I was burning a Default of 6 Terra Bytes or something!



Figure 1. How to make a Small ISO file for your Small Files.

Mea-BiB-Eyetes! (Mebibytes)

So I did the experimenting and I am going to introduce you to something you may not have heard of. Mebibytes!    That’s Mee —    BIB— EYETS!! That is not a unit of weight is it? It turns out this is a unit of Data. So you just have to fool around with getting the right amount of Mee Bee Bites. and your ISO can be whatever size you want!!.

So My research suggest you wont find anything for Free around unless you use IMGBURN. Great! Its got a lot of press online, they say it works but they never told me about the MEE BEE BITES!

So Grab your version of IMGBURN and follow me to BIOS ISLAND!!

How to get a 30 Meg ISO for 30 Meg worth of updates

So Below You will find the basic steps for how to do this magic. I suspect there will  be a video at the top of this Blog that may not be more entertaining, but will be of some help if the instructions don’t make sense.

1. You set the source and choose your files.  (left side of windows)

2. On the right, Clisk on the Advanced Tab. Choose “MEDIA”

2. Set the Profile to Custom.

3. Secret sauce (see screen shot below) Arrows show a sectors to Mebebytes.




  • Set the media tab to custom
  • The maximum sector size is like a guess number
  • SO to figure out what number needs to go there (max sectors
  • Convert the number to the right to Megabytes or Gigabytes.
  • MiB is mebibytes- so the conversion to search google is mebibytes to megabytes.
  • once you know how many megabytes you want the ISO to be, just keep increasing the numbers until the conversion comes up to what you want for the iSO size.

Then hit burn. It worked awesome. I copied Bios and Chip-set to a different server (another one I am working on, and it was perfect. Make yourself an ISO. If you get stuck

I can help you in just a few minutes.


One negative, the first installer had an adware, you just decline it, then you will get a second installer, which is the actual app, no adware, at all, just delete the first EXE and run the second one.

Nothing is installed on the machine with the first download. You may also look at other sites to get it from-


So There is not much to it, but I think watching it happen will make it much easier to carry out. I will put the video up top and make it short for you all. I hope this is helpful!!.

Special Bonus Bootable DVD and Bootable USB

In the video I covered two additional subjects. I explained how to make the Image Bootable in ImgBurn. I also showed a link for how to make a bootable USB with an application named RUFUS. I did not explain that process, but I did show the link to the RUFUS USB Bootable Blog Post.

I hope you left this blog post with what you came here looking for! Have a great day and weekend!

If you need to remember screen shots for burning of ImgBurn, so the ISO becomes bootable, Have a look at this blog entitled “How To Create Bootable Windows 10/8.1/7 ISO From Files/Folders”.

This set of screen shots can supplement the Video and this blog, with screenshots and steps to make a bootable image very possible for all. .



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