Testing Skype for Business with Test Cmdlets Script

Happy Holidays to Everyone,

I am trying to put together a little Skype Training class for some New Lync Students. I have found that some of my Scripts had gotten moldy and didn’t work anymore.

The Test Skype Script is an important one for a new person to have, So they have some automated tools, that will not require a primacy in Lync Shell Knowledge.

So I offer this up to anyone who has a need to test their Server out.

This comes in two parts. Create your Users and Run the test.

Create your Users

  1. Create two AD users and lync enable them. I will use Lynctestuser1 and Lynctestuser2 for my example
  2. Add these users to exchange as mailbox users.
  3. UM enable them as well if you want to test full Lync and Exchange UM integration.
  4. Enable the users as Lync users, Enterprise voice enabled etc…
  5. Run the following cmdlet to enable them for synthetic transactions

New-CsHealthMonitoringConfiguration –Identity lyncpool.domain.com –FirstTestSamAccountName domain\LynctestUser1 –FirstTestUserSipUri “sip:LynctestUser1@domain.com” –SecondTestSamAccountName domain\Lynctestuser2 –SecondTestUserSipUri sip:LynctestUser2@domain.com

If you have trouble here, make sure you replaced Domain with your Domain name. Don’t remove the word Sip from the command. Once your users are in place, you can verify by using Get-CsHealthMonitoringConfiguration.

Run Your Script.

I have provided 2 scripts for you from My Office Repository. Both of these have tested and work For Skype For Business 2016 going into 2017. I would presume you should get a few years of Mileage from these.

The Link is here

The Two files there are called TestSkype_ScreenPrint and TestSkype_HtmlResult. Both PS1 Scripts test your Skype Environment. I will address each test as Screenprint and HtmlResult respectively. Both Tests use synthetic users to carry out the tests. Both Scripts test several areas of the Skype Server. The only differences are in certain format areas. You will have to be the judge to determine which one you like the most.

So I am not going to spend too much time Talking about them. I am going to try to point out some cool things. So HtmlResult may have a little less testing overall. Screen Print is pretty robust for what it is. I think I am leaning to Screen Print so I will spend my time talking about its features.

ScreenPrint is called as such, because it leads you on the screen. You are presented with Questions, Which you answer. The Script runs in sections so you get basic voice conferencing test, followed by UM tests and Group Distribution mailbox as well.

The test takes at least 20 minutes to run. You need to make sure you followed all the steps before you kick the script off. I may go in and add features to it, but assuming I don’t get a chance, I would say Just make sure you followed the create Users, and this script should run fine.

Below, See an example of the results:


You get quite a bit for the time. Please share your testing experience.As a final note, I will share the total test types being run:


I hope you have a good time troubleshooting and I hope you get all your testing and troubleshooting done before the holidays!!


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