New Skype for Business and Exchange Certification Track aka New Lync Exchange Upgrade Certifications to MCSE Productivity

Before I jump right in this evening, let me share the exciting picture of Saturday night Live Season 42, episode 2. This is a lovely commentary on the second presidential Debate. I recommend catching Saturday night live season 42. the Debates are hilarious!


No matter if your for Trump Or Hillary, please be nice to each other! This is a great country and all of our problems are small to those who have less. No matter what! All we have is each other! Anyway for the New Certification information, first be aware that you should be transitioned automatically. If you have Server 2012 MCSE and Exchange or Lync MCSE, you should now see this in your transcript


From this point forward (9/26/2016), you will be on the new program. This means you will be trying to keep the following certifications valid:

  • MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure – focusing on skills validation for Windows Server and Microsoft Azure
  • MCSE: Mobility – focusing on skills validation for Windows Client and Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • MCSE: Data Management and Analysis – focusing on skills validation for both on-premises and cloud-based Microsoft data products and services
  • MCSE: Productivity – focusing on skills validation for Office 365, SharePoint, Exchange, and Skype for Business
  • MCSD: App Builder – focusing on skills validation for Web and Mobile app development

It’s a nice change because you just have to take one test a year to be able to keep your certification. Microsoft uses an elective system, so Productivity, for example could be Skype, Exchange or SharePoint. In addition, the advanced topics are also on the same certification, but you don’t have to take the advanced certification until the following year, and you still have the MCSE.

So this is a tradeoff. You get the certification up front, but you will ultimately want to complete all the exams, over time.

The old way, you had to scram to get all the exams done, and then you had a long period of no growth perhaps, followed by another scramble period.

I think the new method matches reality. And on that note, Having taken the 2016 Server Exam Beta (70-743) for Infrastructure upgrade; the new testing methodology has finally moved to the future. No more questions with the same boring beginning. The questions are straight forward. By the end of the exam, you are telling yourself, you deserve to fail if you don’t know the information.

I was very satisfied with the new test format. So in closing, we have a new Certification format, and new Test format coming our way.

The resources I have used and recommended are Born to Learn and Microsoft virtual Academy. These are both much better then the past, and the material is generally helpful.


Good luck and happy Certifying!!!


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