Skype for Business will not re-mirror. AKA SQL Mirroring stuck in Recovery

Hello All. This one is a problem which occurred in a familiar circumstance. I had worked with my Deployment Team member several times over setting up a mirror, after having taken it down, to do some updates, and for some maintenance.


SO what normally happens is you run the setup for SQL mirroring in Topology Builder. What can happen from time to time, is the Mirrored database gets stuck in recovery. On occasion I have been able to just run the following commands to stop the recovery status:




The Script command is as follows. You can run one at a time, or you can just take the whole thing. Notice there is a group with recovery and a group with no recovery. Those are two different scripts. Try with one, then the other, if “with recovery” does not work.

  1. use xds
  2. go
  3. restore database [xds] with recovery
  4. use lis
  5. go
  6. restore database [lis] with recovery
  7. use rtcxds
  8. go
  9. restore database [rtcxds] with recovery
  10. use rtcshared
  11. go
  12. restore database [rtcshared] with recovery
  13. use rtcab
  14. go
  15. restore database [rtcab] with recovery
  16. use rgsdyn
  17. go
  18. restore database [rgsdyn] with recovery
  19. use rgsconfig
  20. go
  21. restore database [rgsconfig] with recovery
  22. use cpsdyn
  23. go
  24. restore database [cpsdyn] with recovery
  25. use xds
  26. restore database [xds] with norecovery
  27. use lis
  28. go
  29. restore database [lis] with norecovery
  30. use rtcxds
  31. go
  32. restore database [rtcxds] with norecovery
  33. use rtcshared
  34. go
  35. restore database [rtcshared] with norecovery
  36. use rtcab
  37. go
  38. restore database [rtcab] with norecovery
  39. use rgsdyn
  40. go
  41. restore database [rgsdyn] with norecovery
  42. use rgsconfig
  43. go
  44. restore database [rgsconfig] with norecovery
  45. use cpsdyn
  46. go
  47. restore database [cpsdyn] with norecovery

Once this is complete, if the Skype is not working with the Mirror you will need to run the following to complete the setup:


Install-CsMirrorDatabase -ConfiguredDatabases -FileShare \\Server.Share.Database.location\fileshare -SqlServerFqdn Server.mirror.FQDN -ForInstance RTC -DropExistingDatabasesOnMirror –Verbose

Remember, this is a work around for the SQL not mirroring properly, after you have run the Topology, to accomplish such a setup choice.


now this portion is the first of two articles. The issue comes up, where this work around wont work. This means you cannot complete the mirror!! The situation is that the mirror will fail if you have DTE encryption enabled for SQL!!!

So the immediate thing to do would be to disable DTE encryption on SQL Server.

Make this choice and then you will have to restart your SQL services and your Skype services, if you failed to create this mirror. I will have a work around for this in my next article at

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