Fix your Exchange Errors: the name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match


Hello Exchange Admins,

I found a great new tool from Digicert. I had to share it with everyone. Now days you cant have .local on your public certificate. This can create certificate pop ups. Digicert, always a proactive company, has come up with a tool, to remedy this problem.

They make changes to your Web services, to change the names to .com, eliminating the problems with Exchange. This also generates a roll back script, to get you back to the default settings, if there are any problems.

I don’t see the down side to this approach! Thanks Digicert, for putting the work in, so we all benefit.

The Tool is located here:

They also have a part 1 article on replacing your internal certificates, but part 2 is an awsome edition to the tool box, for Exchange people.

Thank you Digicert!


Here is part 1 on Internal Names

Thanks Again,


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