Skype Database cannot be opened. It is in the middle of a Restore


Hello All. I had a case that I have solved several times, but I forgot this particular morning, what I did to fix it. This is when I generally make a Blog. So the scenario is when you run the Topology Builder and complete a Mirror. However, at the end of the Mirror Creation, you get an error in the topology builder. This error may take many forms.




The error boils down to: Database cannot be opened. It is in the middle of a restore. If the mirror has not replicated, then your in another boat. However, In my case, The Mirror Databases seem to have restored completely.

I am not saying this will work for everyone, but if your issue is the SQL script got stuck, you may be able to just terminate the restore script, and re-publish your topology. If this works, great. If not, at least you had something to try.

Otherwise, this restore state never stops. It just sits in this state, and the mirror never finishes.



See the above results over trying to publish this mirror over and over and over. Hopefully this small step is all you need to fix your issue.


I have had another issue where this was only part of the issue. Next step is you want to check your SQL error log and see if the SPN account has an error. Look for:


“The SQL Server Network Interface library could not register the Service Principal Name (SPN) for the SQL Server service. Windows return code: 0x2098, state: 15”

This is an indication you need to check into your Permissions to SQL or the Service account permissions to both Computer accounts.

If you don’t have these kinds of errors, then you may be fortunate. Try running this script if the issue is just that something is stuck at the end of the script:


Happy troubleshooting!



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