Move”the CMS from 2010 to 2013 (or SFB) when those databases are destroyed or Move-CsManagementServer Fails AKA How to move CMS from 2010 to 2013 when CMS is Dead.


Hello and happy summer day. This article is about a subject you wont find documented around the internet much, and is not Directly Microsoft supported. With that said, I will present you with the Microsoft way and the emergency way, to save your 2013 Lync  install when the 2010 has been Broken.

First of all. Have Back Up. In this situation, the customer did not have a back up, but it certainly is a good Idea. So the first method you should use, if you loose your 2010 Back end Databases, is to recover them from back up.

Second, Recreate your SQL server.The official documentation you will find if you loose your back end for 2010, is to Recreate the SQL 2008 server, and install an instance of SQL with the same name. From there, you can use install-CsDatabase –CentralManagementStore to recreate the Back end database on the new server.

Third, Lets say you are in a situation where neither of the two above are possible? So the mantra is you are normally going to run the command:

Move-CsManagementServer to move the CMS from 2010 to 2013. This process is how you might be able to move forward, eliminating your 2010, even if they are down. There needs to be said that you can forget about saving things like contacts, response groups, etc..  this is a bare knuckle procedure to get you from 2010 CMS to 2013 CMS, without loosing both installations.

Current Situation

In this situation, you will find the 2010 and 2013 topology builder will not download the topology. You cant make any changes and the Lync control panel wont work. You are really in bad shape.

Steps to move from non existent 2010

What is going to save you here is a copy of your topology and the copy of your configuration. I don’t know that you can do this without a copy of your configuration so lets have you make a copy to back up now.

  • Export-CsConfiguration -Filename
  • Export-CsLisConfiguration -FileName C:\LISConfig.bat

Most of you wont have the LIS configuration and that’s ok. You will see the work around here in a second.

1, Get-CsManagementStoreReplicationStatus –CentralManagementStoreStatus

This command is going to fail because your pointed to your 2010 CMS currently. So this is procedural

2. Export-CsConfiguration -Filename –localstore

#2 is the file we are going to recover from. keep it.

If you had not run install-CsDatabase already, this is part of the migration steps, just before you move the management server

3. Install-CsDatabase -CentralManagementDatabase -SqlServerFQDN Nameofserver -SQLinstancename Name -Clean –Verbose

4. Move-CsmanagementServr -ConfigurationFilename –force-verbose

#4 above is only partially successful, as we did not use any LIS configuration, so elements will fail. However, some will succeed.

here is where it gets creative. Create a folder called LIS.BAK.  Place an empty file inside the folder and zip it. This zip file will be required to make the next command succeed.

5. Move-CsManagementServer -ConfigurationFileName -LisConfigurationFilename -Force –Verbose

Number 5 is your magic command. this command is able to move your CMS to 2013, without the 2010 database. This was pretty amazing.


This is the steps as I recall, and this should get you moved over to 2013 for CMS. Now you will have to remove the 2010 objects to get topology published with only the 2013 Topology items being there.

SO below, for completeness, I have my rough notes on the last time I did a full CMS move and decommissioned the 2010 server. I have also included some Links I used to make sure I was doing the steps correctly. That is all posted below:

JUST FYI the above process only replaces step 2. So you still have work to do. However this gives you some context in to how the process fits into the whole 2010 decommission.

  • 1. # Install-CsDatabase -CentralManagementDatabase -SQLServerFQDN “BackendEnd FQDN” -SQLInstanceName RTC
  • 2. Move-csmanagememntserver
  • 3. Move-CsManagementDatabase –verbose
  • 4. Run step 2 on lync 2010 deplyoment wizard- Run Step 2 to remove Lync Server Components
  • 5. Get-CsManagementConnection
  • 6. Check new topology-builder-
  •  7. Go to 2010 LMS- Uninstall-CsDatabase -CentralManagementDatabase -SqlServerFqdn -SqlInstanceName RTC –verbose
  • 8. Remove-CsConferenceDirectory –Force
  • 9. Remove mobility from programs and features 2010
  • 10. Remove- lync 2010 from 2013 topology and publish


I hope this article is helpful. Please remember this is not an MS supported change. Options one or two are the main ways you would deal with this situation. Have a great weekend:


Sources I had used at one time for my CMS steps

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    • this process will allow you to “move”the CMS from 2010 to 2013 (or SFB) when those databases are destroyed. Or are you proposing a better title? That does seem like a better title! 🙂


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