Flash: The Best way to Fix your Exchange 2013/2016 Unified Messaging, UM Dial Plan, is to redeploy it. It is not as hard as it sounds.


Hello!!  I’m Lester Tarkenson and welcome to another installment of Fun with Dialplans. today we will be discussing how the real professionals troubleshoot their Dialplans.

The first thing a seasoned person does, when they see a dial plan, created by a customer, who has never had a dial plan working before; why of course! They chuck it! Yes, there are many reasons for this, but I can name off just a few:

  • 1. Once your gateway and hunt group are married together, changes made manually, may cause objects to be out of sync, causing failure of the Dial Plan
  • 2. Spaces are not allowed in certain circumstances
  • 3. Strange Characters and long object names are both possible reasons for failure in  the Unified Messaging setup. (now called UM heretofore)
  • You have to restart the UMSERVICE and the UMCALLROUTERSERVICE after making every change in UM. Trust me this will get you at some point.

For these reasons and more, It is best to just build from the bottom up. It is very good advice, until you begin to try to take the UM apart. It fails all over the place, yet some commands do work. It quickly becomes a struggle to just get you back to were you were, with no harm done.

Lets just take a deep breath and enjoy a quick Poem:


Ok. I am deeply sorry for that. Try to recover. I know it will be hard. But, you will have a ton of time to make me a nice Haiku email, because rebuilding the Dial Plan will work instantly and you can move on with your life. so lets begin.

Remove what you can in the Exchange Admin Center

Let me say, without any need to have to tell any of you: Make a copy of all your settings. use screen shot, back up, notepad, whatever it takes, but do something to make sure you have the settings to rebuild with!

The first thing you do is use the GUI to get as much deleted as you can.

Figure 1. Untitled


Open up the Dial plan and start with the UM Maalox Policy and the Auto Attendant. Go in and delete and remove all that you can. Whatever is left, will be for us, in the Exchange Management Shell. You can work with Maalox or the Mailbox, it is your choice!


Figure 22

Getting the UM dial Plan Un Nested

So now this part may require some freestyle, so I am including all UM commands in the EMS for 2016. One small chart. I like it! See below. The goal is to get the UM objects un-nested. Then you can delete them with the Shell. Use your get commands, and then use your remove and delete commands, where appropriate. I am going off memory at this point, so I will be improving steps over time. using Figure 1 and 2, go in and manually remove everything.

Figure 3.mychart

Break the nesting with Exchange Management Shell

Do not run the Exchange Script UCExchUtil.Ps1, at any point during this process. Once you have removed as much, from the Dial Plan, as you can, using the Administrative Center; You now move to the Exchange shell and run these commands:

  • Set-UMCallRouterSettingS -DialPlanS $null
  • Set-UMMailboxPolicy -UMDialPlan $null
  • Remove-ummailboxpolicy -identity policyname
  • Remove-umhuntgroup -identity gatewayID\Huntgroupname
  • Set-UMService -idenity Servername -DialPlanS $null
  • Set-UMMailbox uSername -UMMailboxPolicy $null
  • Remove-umdialplan -identity Umdialplan

This will allow you to remove the Dial Plan and the Gateway. If the gateway is not removed by now, remove it in the GUI

Now that you have the Dial Plan and gateway removed, you are Free to begin with a new Dial Plan. Make sure you follow a good document on setting the Dial Plan up.

How to Integrate the UM Dial Plan and Lync/SFB

I could not do a better job at showing you the Lync Integration then Dean Suzuki. Look at his articles here. There are steps for the whole integration here:

And this is the end. I realize the title is a lot to live up to. However, the process is not hard, it just doesn’t have a lot of documentation out there that talks about it.

I hope you will be rebuilding your Dial Plans and gateways  for fun and enjoyment. Don’t forget to run your .\ExchUcUtil.PS1 command when you are finished. This will solidify your settings and you will be taking UM calls after you restart the UMCALLROUTER service and UM service on each Exchange Server 2013/2016.

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