Easy way to test to see if Lync and Exchange Integration is working properly.

Good evening all,

I wanted to make a short post tonight to explain an easy way to determine if your Lync or Skype for Business server and Exchange 2013/2016 is configured properly for OAUTH or Server to Server Communication.

This is required for things like the Unified Contact store as well as the basic Lync/SFB to Exchange Server Communication, like play on phone and perhaps aspects of the voicemail process.

Exchange and Lync are rather tightly integrated now. You will not have a successful deployment unless you have Oauth configured properly. I have a few articles where I refer to the Oauth configuration, so I will list them both for you here.

With the links above, you should be able to set up and troubleshoot your Oauth configuration. However, lets say you have it configured and you have no errors. what next? well here is the simple way to verify your Oauth is working:

test-csexstorageconnectivity –SipURI username@domain.com

So many people in training classes have asked this question; What does this command actually do? Well I am here to tell you. This command uses a transaction to drop a message onto the Exchange or outlook IM conversation archive. Then once successful, it is deleted.

In a simple manor, The Communication is proved, using IM, and the Exchange Outlook storage folder. Otherwise, you don’t seem to get much in the way of events or anything else confirm  it is working

Anyway, I thought I world make a point of this if you ever get into a situation where you suspect Oauth is not working.


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