How to pair your New replacement BT600 UC Bluetooth Dongle to your Voyager headset and fix Lync audio if necessary.


I had lost my Bluetooth Dongle recently and I purchased a new one, with the simple intention of replacing it. Boy was I in for a technical treat!!

Two hours later, I was repairing my computer, trying to get the lync client to simply show the correct driver so my lync client would work. How did I get here? Well that is the subject of todays discussion.

I am going to put the basic troubleshooting steps you need to get your audio working, but I have to explain the gotcha that I could have avoided. 

The simple truth is the NEW dongle has never been paired to the headset. When you buy a SPARE dongle, It has never been paired to the headset, so that will have to be done.

So how do I go about doing that? Well of course the USB device and the Headset must meet at the computer somehow right? I don’t know why; that’s what my brain assumed, but I spend a few hours, trying to get the BT600 Dongle to somehow talk to me. I used Bing to look up  such terms as “how to make BT600 show up in sound application” and “How to pair UC headset to Dongle”.  Much to my dissatisfaction, I found no such article to save me.

As a step of desperation, I turned to the instruction booklet entitled: “Quick start Guide”! well (blush) right there on page 2 it says the USB dongle has a pair button! Of course, It pairs to the headset as a hardware device. So With egg on my face, I finish in about 20 seconds.

So let me show you the sequence with pictures, because I am sure I am not the only one to have this occur.

First, The BT600 is not showing up as a sound device see below:

5-23-2016 4-54-18 PM


Now Plug in your Bluetooth Adapter and then look in Devices and printers. There you will see a simple Icon that does nothing but let you know it is connected with a driver:


5-23-2016 4-53-47 PM


Now hold the “on” button up (on the Voyager headset) for 6 seconds, until it says “pairing” audibly. Next,plug in the BT600 and use a pen, pin, bullet point, or what ever you can to hold the pin on the Dongle in for about 5 seconds or until it begins to flash red. It takes about 15 seconds and they are paired.


and from that point on, and not one second before, I get the Audio Device in the sounds mmc in control panel:

5-23-2016 4-55-32 PM

And let me tell you the Voyager UC and the BT600 are a beautiful pair. I really love this headset. But let me tell you, reading the Quick start guide may not be a bad Idea.

So I promised the regular troubleshooting as well, so I will add this here as well. However, I must also make a comment about the confusion with the Bluetooth on the Laptop Device. there are two ways to connect the Voyager UC. If you plan on using the dongle, You basically disable the On System Bluetooth.

If you hit start and type “Bluetooth” and then choose PC and Devices , you will see an entry called Bluetooth. Turn this Off. Leave it on if you wish to pair with the computer. But basically if you want to pair with the computer, do not pair with the Dongle. With that said, all you do is enable Bluetooth and the system will say “ Your PC is searching for and can be discovered by Bluetooth Devices. Now hold the power on your headset for 6 seconds, and you will be paired.

I would say choose one or the other method. Having both enabled is only going to be a headache for you.

Now, If Lync sound no longer presents a menu of devices, even though there are sound devices enabled, then you have an interesting problem.

there are more granular ways to troubleshoot this, I just didn’t have time, and I needed to get back to work. So what I did was the following:

1. Go to Device Manager and choose view then show hidden devices.

2. I deleted all USB entries no matter what they said for the error

3. I went to sound devices and deleted all devices there.

4. I restarted the system

5. I went back to device manager and choose hidden devices again and then I choose action scan for hardware changes.

6. after everything rebuilt, I started Lync and the audio choice was present.

7. I then performed the steps in the earlier portion of the article (from the quick start guide)  to get my BT wireless device working.


I hope this is helpful so some, or at least humorous to see that I can be dumb as a rock, no matter how long I use this technology stuff.


thank you,


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