A very nice way to move the CMS store

A very nice way to move the CMS store

This article was not my own design. Although, I do recall doing something similar to the following some time ago, I never really documented what I did. Fortunately, another Lync Person did. I am re-publishing my paraphrased version of the process, documented by Richard Brynteson. His site is Masteringlync.com and his article is here




Please heed his warnings, and realize the CMS has moved in SFB, so you may not get the same effect from older versions of Lync. The CMS used to be in the share you defined in Lync. It has now moved to the RTCReplicaRoot, which is usually put in the root of C on the first installed Lync Server. With this new fact in mind, Moving the CMS focuses on this new fact in its steps:


Without further delay, My bulletized, cook book document on moving the CMS.

Stop the CMS replica service File transfer agent and Master Replicator agent, as well as Server Replicator agent.

  1. GO to the location of your RTCReplicaRoot folder and delete it.
  2. Go to the following Registry locations below- to make changes to Reg_Sz. Each value will be the existing path to the CMS. You will simply be updating to the new share location
  3. The last one is a more complex string. Do not alter the string as a whole. Just edit the path. The string looks like this:

“D:\Lync 2013\Server\Replica Replicator Agent\ReplicaReplicatorAgent.exe” -s /replicaRootDir:C:\RtcReplicaRoot\ /sqlInstance:(local)\rtclocal /sqlDatabase:xds








  1. Rebuild the Skype for Business Core components
  2. Restart the other SFB services and you should be back in business in about 5 minutes

I have done a few other manipulations where I made changes and repaired core services to fix the install. One such event is when the XDS database will not open and there is a login problem. See issues like this in my DigitalBamboo WordPress site. See below. Also do visit the originator of this process. He picked up on the fact that the CMS had changed places. That is a big deal and Kudos to

Richard Brynteson for finding that out. Thank you!



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