Years of this and finally a definite process that works to save your install. How to fix Cannot open database “xds” requested by the login. The login failed.Login failed for user

Lync 2013 Skype For Business



On Precipices=

We live in pretty interesting times. I feel it in the air. things are both certain and uncertain. I feels like its were on the precipice of something major. whether we like it or not.


Hello All. The Issue surrounding this error “Cannot open database “xds” requested by the login. The login failed.Login failed for user” can be many.

Read the following, before falling in the precipice of giant robot movies, to take you away from such a long and dismal IT week. You may start out with

a series of issues and they all culminate into this error. Secondly, you may be simply seeing this in the Event viewer. Either

way, the popular consensus, is you are a cooked goose. Cannot open database “xds” requested by the login. The login failed.Login failed for user.  has cooked my goose in the past. 


Over the weekend, I came across the issue for the umpteenth time. On some occasions, I have fixed the issue. On other occasions, I had failed

and had to reinstall. On this particular Fall day in 2015, I wanted to set the record straight. If I had fixed this before, shouldn’t it be repeatable?


Taking my several previous experience, knowing what not to do, I moved forward slowly. I distiled my moves to some simple steps. I made sure

the server had the proper permissions. I verified the CSADMIN and RTCUNIVERSAL ADMIN had permissions to the file location for XDS in CSDATA

and in SQL.  I verified this at the Instance login and the Database User level. Then I removed the core services on the Server that contained the XDS database. Recall, the XDS

database will never be  remote to the  server, as the XDS is generally a local file share. Where ever you put your CSDATA folder, verify your permissions.


Once this is all verified, the action to fix this may not be recomended by Microsoft. However, you are going to leave Lync installed, except for the Core

Services. You remove and reinstall Core Services, without rebooting the server. This has worked for me in the past, and seems to be a consistant

way to fix this issue.



In Summary:


  1. GO to your XDS and LIS databases and make sure your Admin is added ad DBO to the physical files for the data base and logs.
  2. DO the same for the instance in the SQL managmement Studio
  3. Run this command  –  MsiExec.exe /X{8901ADFC-435C-4E37-9045-9E2E7A613285}
  4. Then go to the Lync Deployment wizzard.
  5. Deploy AD if Required. (enable-csforest and enable-csdomain)
  6. Run the install local databases (Step1)
  7. Proceed with running all steps 1-4 and finally start Lync services.
  8. I did all of this without a restart



Thats it, your services should restart without a re-boot. Please use this as the last resort, or course. I have been at this precipice and I can tell you

it would have been nice to have an article covering this.



I h




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