Exchange UM diagnostic logging commandlets

I got tired of looking them up every time, so here they are if you want to make a script out of them:


Set-EventlogLevel "2013mb\MSExchange Unified Messaging\UMCore" -level Expert
Set-EventlogLevel "2013mb\MSExchange Unified Messaging\UMWorkerProcess" -level Expert
Set-EventlogLevel "2013mb\MSExchange Unified Messaging\UMManagement" -level Expert
Set-EventlogLevel "2013mb\MSExchange Unified Messaging\UMService" -level Expert
Set-EventlogLevel "2013mb\MSExchange Unified Messaging\UMClientAccess" -level Expert
Set-EventlogLevel "2013mb\MSExchange Unified Messaging\UMCallData" -level Expert

Get-EventlogLevel "MyUMServer\MSExchange Unified Messaging"

Or you can just get them from the Tech-net Site 

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