Active Directory Federation Setup for Server 2012 R2

Good Morning and Happy Thursday. I generally like to write my own post for things I have done. Sometimes I simple find someone who simple made a de-facto article which is much better then I could put together with the time constraints I have. That said, the blog is a breath of fresh air on the subject of 2012 ADFS. Why would anyone care or worse, read about ADFS? Well here’s the thing; Its a really solid proxy for Lync 2013. Many of you know this, lets I state the obvious.

Ok sidetrack- I feel like a haiku for some reason~

the birds they fly yes
cover their ears if they can
I’m singing their song.

Ok really that was spontaneous, as exhibited by the low quality of the content. Ok back to business. So here is a full article with deployment and setup info on ADFS. There is another article on my blog for setting up ADFS with Lync. However, this link below chronicles a lot of the crap I had to go through, which I did not document. I would really like to have something like this next time I set ADFS up. Why? because once you set up the ADFS proxy for Lync, you will not likely have to mess with anything again. It is that solid. That said. I have had to re install rolls several times on the proxy. However that is a 5 minute job with the script to rebuild the settings. The ADFS portion is the one you only want to do once.

Enjoy- ADFS


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