Lync Tools From Beautiful Melbourn Australia



I don’t write a post about a “place” very often. However, It is fitting I begin by calling out the writer of many useful tools for Lync. He  is homed out of Melbourne Australia.  James Cussen is the creator of a tool I began in concept but never had time to really complete. Of course mine would not have been half as functional.  However, I do often think my productivity would be much higher if I could live in say Hawaii, or Australia~!  I do appreciate the tools he has created. I hope to do my part to spread his popularity as appreciation to his help.  Please try the Lync Edge Port Tester tool:

Lync Edge Port Tester tool, is available from his Sky Drive location (or mine).


The blog is called My Lync Lab. check it out.

This tool allows you to test from both ends of the connection. you simply run the tool from both ends, Choose your profile situation from the drop down box. Run the tool and check connectivity. From my side of the Lync business, the Edge port setup has been the most challenging to get clear in  understanding, when live testing inside and outside of the network and certain functionality is not working. portqueryUI was a good tool to test ports but had drawbacks because it was not Lync Specific in Design. Now it is easier to see failures in real time testing much easier.  This tool will help simplify that process.


In addition to the Lync Edge Port tool, James has created many other Lync tools you may be familiar with:

  • IP Route Editor Tool
  • Lync Call Pickup Manager
  • Lync Centralized Logging UI
  • Database Mirror Manager
  • DNS tester
  • Polycom VVX manager
  • Open SQL Ports for Call Pickup Manager.


These tools are Lync specific and greatly appreciated. Thank you for your contribution to the Lync Community!


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