Lync 2013 Installed in a Null root or Resource forest. Issues include Prepare Schema fail, Front end service fails, and conferencing fails.

Several issues may occur when using a Null root domain or resource Forrest.  I had created a few articles which have evolved into a story. I have seen the Null Root domain cause failure of Schema and Forest preparation, Services not to start, failure of Office 365 to connect and Conferencing to fail. Below is a narration of this story


Please reference the first two articles below:

Prepare Lync 2013 Forrest where a null root domain exist.

Front End Services wont start on Lync 2013 when installing Lync in a child domain of a Null root forest


Hopefully the final chapter can put this all together. An annoyance in deploying Lync occurs when it is a complex Active Directory Environment. You will want to be aware if you have a multi child domain scenario, where your root forest is not really used for business needs. The Child organization has all the main active directory usage and you may only have two Domain Controllers and a DNS server in the Root domain. The main clue you have this scenario is the Schema preparation fails with the Lync wizard.  See the link above to resolve this.

Be aware it has come to light CsUserReplicatorConfiguration contains the sip domains where the Front end service looks before the services start. We found out that the default setting is $null. with Null set, the behavior is Lync will check all domains for front end services. If Lync is not installed in all domains, the Front end Service will not start.  Here is how you would resrtict that search

Set-CsUserReplicatorConfiguration —ADDomainNamingContextlist

The next issue is quite a surprise. With this setting changed, services will start but the conferencing object is now separated from the domain installation and “any  Lync objects in the forest”  will not be able to contact objects in the domain. On the other hand, objects listed in the CsUserReplicatorConfiguration will allow Lync FE service to start, Unless Lync is not installed in one of the listed domains.

We need to have a simple rule to go by. based on all known information here is the Postulation of Lync AD entry requirement for Resource Forest Lync Deployment:

1.  If the Schema and Forest will not update for Lync 2013 and you have a Null root domain or Resource Forrest you must run the updates manually

2. If Lync is not installed in all the child domains, a change is needed in the CsUserReplicatorConfiguration Lync setting.  This setting includes the Root Forest Domain and the Children where Lync is installed

get-CsUserReplicatorConfiguration I fL
Set—CsUserReplicatorConfiguration —ADDomainNamingContextlist $null
$a= @{add=”DC=domain,DC=com”, “DC=parentdomain,DC=com”}
Set-CsUserReplicatorConfiguration —ADDomainNamingContext @{add=”DC=parentdomain,DC=com”

Verify the domain is present as expected


Add any other Lync domain needed

Set-CsUserReplicatorConfiguration —ADDomainNamingContextlist


3. At minimum, an install such as this will have two entries. One for the Rood domain and one for a child domain. do not include any non-Lync domains. Do include any Office 365 domains where the objects for the O365 domain have been created on premise to the local environment.


At the time of this writing, this is the latest and most complete settings and instructions. This may change over time. I hope this is helpful to someone who is facing similar problems.


One thought on “Lync 2013 Installed in a Null root or Resource forest. Issues include Prepare Schema fail, Front end service fails, and conferencing fails.

  1. Oldskoolskater says:

    Fantastic! – Your comments on CsUserReplicatorConfiguration have helped me get the FE service started at last. It was searching all domains so I set specific domains as per your notes and the FE service started – many thanks!


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