Lync Sip Conference Snooper log Decoder infotmation for SDP messages ,Invites, Session Progress and the like

No matter how many times i look at an SDP message, it allways takes me 30 minutes to get into the swing of it. Every time I real a log filled with SDP messages, I forget the codes for the variables. Her is an easy reference to the basic RFC terms you may or should see in the output of a Lync early media negotiation

v= (protocol version)

o= (owner/creator and session identifier).

s= (session name)

i=* (session information)

u=* (URI of description)

e=* (email address)

p=* (phone number)

c=* (connection information – not required if included in all media)

b=* (bandwidth information)

z=* (time zone adjustments)

k=* (encryption key)

a=* (zero or more session attribute lines)

t= (time the session is active)

r=* (zero or more repeat times)

m= (media name and transport address)

i=* (media title)

c=* (connection information – optional if included at session-level)

b=* (bandwidth information)

k=* (encryption key)

a=* (zero or more media attribute lines)


This information was taken from the book entitled Mastering Microsoft Lync 2010 by Nathan Winters and Keith Hanna. This is a book you should not be without. The 2013 version is even better. In any case, Buy the book or keep your own reference. This one is mine. You may look at it if you need a quick reference. Chapter 2 of the Lync Mastery book is where you see this full documentation.

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