How to circumvent SQL problems Installing lync 2013 Enterprise pool and Publish the Topology successfully with the RTC server instance.

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Ok so I not good at haiku so lets just move on.

I was installing Lync 2013 on a Windows server 2012 machine  for the second time in a week. I had recalled having the same trouble publishing the topology. There are many reasons why the topology will not publish. You will find these articles after you have already tried many things. I only going to tell you the fix is one I found. It may not be the best one, but it does work. This may not even be best practice. I felt compelled to write this to remind myself of the simple step. Secondly I hope this helps you make your deployment more streamlined.

I installed Lync 2013 Enterprise Pool. This discussion will get you to the point where you can finish with the Lync Deployment Wizard.

1. Install SQL Enterprise 2012. The instance you are installing is called RTC. This is a Named Instance.
2. Join the domain before installing the instance.
3. Use a domain admin credential with RTCUNIVERSALSERVERADMINS and CSADMINISTRATOR permissions for the Database Engine Service.
4.  Also Install the full Management tools for SQL
5. Create a share which has permissions for the same as step 3.
6. Add a DNS entry for and point to the server where the SQL RTC instance resides
7. Disable User Account Control

8. Disable Loop back on the SQL machine (likely the first FE server)
    a. Run Regiedit
    b. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\LSA
    c. Add a Dwrod 32 for “DisableLoopBackCheck”
    d. Make the value 1 (decimal)

Now this is set up. Install the lync core install, tools, and then prepare your Forrest and Domain. Once complete, go to topology builder and create a new Front End and go though the Wizard. This will complete and you can then use the Lync Deployment Wizard to complete the install as below. now This all succeeds so you may not be impressed, However, This steps in this article will easily save you 8 hours of trying to figure out what is wrong and why Lync wont install.


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