I was told I need to talk to the Domain Registrar to fix my mail issue. How to update your domain records

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday January 24th, 2014. SO you have been told you need to contact the Domain Regisrar or ISP for your issue. I presume the issue is the mail at your company is not workin. So this article is for those who have their own hosted mail. It may even help if you are setting up remote access. In todays world, you need to undertstnand how names bring you the internet. The ISP or Domain Registrar is how you register your mail domain, remote access URL, or evern a Web site.

Today, I will simple show you where you must go, to to put in your information. I have a Screenshot for my old Godaddy Account. You may use a different provider. Either way. The Following records will need to be updated if you are going to get your mail to work.

Your domain is called domainX. you need to add the following for EMAIL:

1. Host record called “mail” (shown below as remote in green box 1).

2. Add the MX record for your Mail.domainx.com

3. Addt the txt record if desired

4. Add the autodiscover record as shown below.


If your doing remote access. you can just add the host record  (A record) and thats it. I hope the screen shot is helpful 



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