Prepare Lync 2013 Forest where a null root domain exist.

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I had an interesting one with Hugh this week.  This is a corner case but nevertheless, it may cause grief to the unknowing.  Preparing the Schema, forest and domain for Lync 2013 was a little different for a  null root domain. If this is the case, you must perform the following so the topology will publish. The Error you will get will look something like this;



Schema must be run in the root domain and works ok as:

Install-CsAdServerSchema -Ldf “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Deployment\Setup”

The LDF file is located on the Lync installation disk on the deployment\setup folder.

Once the Schema is extended, your next step may fail. The command run would be:

Enable-CsAdForest –

You will also find that if you run enable-Csadforest in the root or child domain, the command will fail by reporting errors that the domain controller is not writable, or the user is not a  member of the group to update the forest in the root domain (Universal groups are missing from the root domain), or the reference to an object is missing, etc… The bottom line is  you need to log into the forest root or null root of the forest with Enterprise admin permissions and run the following:

  1. Log into the Root Null forest as Enterprise Admin
  2. Open Lync Control Panel from Null Root DC.
  3. Run the following:
  4.     Enable-CsAdForest -GroupDomain rootsdomain.local  -GroupDomainController dc.domain.local -GlobalCatalog dc.domain.local
    1. Open the Lync Deployment wizard and run the Prepare domain as normal and now. prepare domain is going to work because this does not need access to the Root domain, The main issue here is the Forest Level command is run against the child DC or GC. The Enable-CSADforest is not able to run against the domain GC Or DC. The command fails in Lync Deployment Wizzard. It chooses one of the non-Root Forrest Domain controllers by default.


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