This article provides information on How to create a Dial Tone data base in Exchange 2013 and recover install Exchange Server .

Recover Exchange 2013

This short article illustrates how to recover your Server running Exchange 2013. Moreover, There is a small twist to create the Dial tone database which is not as intuitive as it once was.

1. Create new VM (new OS install)
2. Name the Server name the same as the dead Exchange Machine
3. Disable firewall, turn off IEESC
4. Set the Nic to the same NIC settings as the original server.
5. RESET the computer account of the domain computer object in AD
6. Install –2013 Pre Requisites 


Begin Recovery Install

7. setup /m:recoverserver /iacceptexchangeserverlicenseterms
8. Restart server
9. Verify IIS permissions-possible  a few are incorrect
10. Go to https://2013cas/ecp/?=exchclientver=15
11. Choose servers/databases- select the database and choose the three dots above. VERY IMPORTANT- before you choose mount database-take  note of the text. It will give you the name of the new database. For example “mailbox database 123456789”. you must create a folder named “mailbox database 123456789. inside the path to the the mailbox folder. the default would be C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox.
12. Once you mount- the dial tone database will be created.

This may be fixed in an update, but as of CU1, 2013 Exchange had the odd quirk of needing to get the chicken before being able to lay the egg. The Chicken being the Mailbox Database folder. Just make sure you create  the new mailbox database folder. This folder is not automatically created when you mount the database. This is also true if you delete the mailbox database and want to regenerate a new database, but are not recovering Exchange.

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