How to reset the Exchange Default RBAC to canned permissions

This may be the shortest article of them all but no less unimportant. I have had trouble finding this when I have needed it. The canned Rbac Role script still exisit in 2013 Exchange. Here are the steps to carry it out:
•Launch Exchange Management Shell
•Run “Add-pssnapin microsoft*”
•Run “Install-CannedRbacRoles”
•Run “Install-CannedRbacRoleAssignments”
•Close and re-open Exchange Management Shell


This completes the reset of RBAC default permissions. Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “How to reset the Exchange Default RBAC to canned permissions

  1. Sharaf says:

    I have exchange 2013 DAG environment . where do i have to run this command as i need to add “reset password” permission to organized managemnet group in admin roles . Is it safe to run , Please pardon my ignorance .


    • Sharaf says:

      I mean ,running these cmds on any of the mailbox server is fine ? or do i need to do anything else ?


    • you should not have any trouble running the commands. however this does rest things to default. RBAC is not really something you want to mess with, unless you have a specific purpose. Default RBAC should be acceptable for most of your needs. Therefore custom work will revert to default. That is usually a good thing, when things are broken to this point. I hope this helps.

      You can then go back and change the role. I would not change the permission. The Role containing the ability to reset password is what you want to focus on. I hope this article may help you:


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