Why can’t I complete the initial Lync topology on a new Lync deployment? Is something wrong with topology builder?

Publishing Topology Fails

The answer is no. There are a few reasons why an initial topology may fail to complete. There is one unique first case, I thought may be useful to someone in need.

The scenario is you publish the topology and you get a cannot connect to database error . There may be a few errors possible, but essentially you cant connect to the database. The error goes so far as to say “the existing topology identifies database a\rtc as the Central Management store, but the topology you are trying to publish identifies b\rtc as the central management store.”

The first thing you want to do is go to ADSIEDIT.MSC and  go to the configuration container. Then choose Microsoft->Rtc Service->Topology Settings->go to the properties of the GUID object here. the GUID should be the topology settings. Look for the attribute editor object MSRTCSIP-BackEndServer. this object may already have been set by a previous installation. This is a very difficult item to troubleshoot because you may not have been the person who did the initial install. You wouldn’t necessarily know the setting was there.

The easier way to deal with this is to run Get-CSManagementStoreReplicationStatus. this will return the value to compare to verify this is not the correct location. then run Remove-CSManagementConfigurationStoreLocation. That’s it!

Now you can connect when you run the Topology builder. The topology builder first run is very important as it adds this AD attribute if it doesn’t already exist. The means that if the topology builder had been ruin and the decision was made to wait and install Lync later, this would be the case where you find this problem.

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