How to resolve the Lync 2013 Power Point conference sharing error with Office Web App Server (WAC); "Some presenting features are unavailable due to server connectivity issues".


In recent installation of the Microsoft Office Web Apps Server (WAC) pool for Lync 2013, I had an issue which was not obvious, but spelled out obviously. If you have set up Lync 2013 and the Office Web Apps Server (WAC), and the Power Point sharing does not work, read on.

first, review the TechNet article which  articulates the validation of the WAC server.  In addition, I notice  more detailed steps on the MVP article. Begin by following the MVP article to the letter.

One thing must be pointed out. The bandwidth requirements for the early sharing session are  large. One thing to make sure, is the media path isn’t the source of the issue because of lab type setups. Eliminate VPN, wireless, and other extra session (IP) candidate pairs. In other words minimize the number of IP subnets that can be involved. One rule I stick by is to test from the Inside out. Internal Clients on the local subnet; test the basics first. Second, check the whiteboard sharing. if the whiteboard works then you know you have some basic function to the WAC server.

If the Whiteboard works but the PowerPoint share does not, are you getting a network related error:


Figure 1


From this point, your issue will likely be one or the other. Either it will be related to steps below, of there is a media negotiation/network issue. See the Lync 2013 Protocols and Ports poster to find the network issue.  If the network is solid and whiteboard sharing is working, what could the issue be? Complete the following troubleshooting:

  • Applied Update KB2760445 after the WAC server is installed
  • Install >net 3.5sp1 (which turned out not to be needed)Verified the hosting discovery URL was accessible
  • ( (this will provide an xml with power point connection points)
  • Restarted the WAC pool servers. There were three Web APP servers.
  • Ran a packet trace on the client Ran a new-CsClsScenarion WAC and found failures to copy the wopi files .
  • Verified the files were making it to the CMS share and the file path showed in the logs and in the share-(ex /DataCollabWeb/wopi/files/113-1-3F01C1B)

The issue was the Lync session did not seem to be talking to the WAC server. But I couldn’t find another error, other then Figure 1.

I found the issue in the  Article reference called Validating the Configuration of the Office Web Apps Server.  The last paragraph states (paraphrasing) even if the server looks configured correctly, you could still receive an error. That is exactly what happened to my case. Let me put the exact words:

Even if Office Web Apps Server appears to be configured correctly, you could potentially receive the error message “Some sharing features are unavailable due to server connectivity issues” when you try sharing a PowerPoint presentation. If you receive that error message you should restart the Front End server (or servers) associated with the new Office Web Apps Server.”

So this is not a small point. If you restart the WAC servers and the FE servers, you may be restarting 6 or more servers. this was exactly what was required. In addition, After the servers are all up and started, it was required to wait for about 20 minuets before Power Point presentations would share successfully.

6 thoughts on “How to resolve the Lync 2013 Power Point conference sharing error with Office Web App Server (WAC); "Some presenting features are unavailable due to server connectivity issues".

  1. Hi
    Any news in this case. I followed your steps but still the same “some presenting features are unavailable due to server connectivity issues”.
    It works fine in Lync 2010 but not in 2013 client


    • So it sounds like your using lync server 2010? If your using lync server 2013 with a 2013 client, then there are other things to concider. 1. Network bandwidth on both sides of the connection
      2 check the lync client log. What errors do you see? 3. Do not try this with a VPN connection. 4. 2013 handles workloads differently the. 2010 so pay attention to the details. For example the 2013 client version should be current for nov. 2013. 5. Try the whiteboard. If it works, then you basic wac works. The whiteboard is part of the wac workload in 2013. Once whiteboard works, then your down to network connectivity or configuration as causes of failure.


    • Normally you would have the issue in reverse. So provided you have the most current copy of the 2013 client and CU for Lync server, I would say you are actually facing a bandwidth issue. does your whiteboard work?


  2. […] As part of the troubleshooting process, I made sure that IIS ARR configuration for Office web apps server is correct and is functional. Louis Reeves has written a good post on how to troubleshoot PowerPoint presentation issues. […]


  3. Joe says:

    This same error can appear also if you are using the Domain “allowList” security and don’t have the domain name of the front end pool defined. You’ll see the error messages appear in the Microsoft Office Web Apps event log.


  4. Danie says:

    I followed this but the KB2760445 does not apply 😦 with the error “The expected version of the product was not found on the system.” However, Office WebApp is present (i.e. get-OfficeWebAppsFarm displays detail)


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