How to Resolve Lync Conferencing Missing AOR header or missing conferencing header. Ms-Application-Aor header is not valid.


A recent case  worked proved to be  difficult to determine the cause. The issue shows up in the logs as  Ms-Application-Aor header is not valid.  While you can review the Blogs on the subject, the issue may be a lot simpler then it seems. After making changes to a large environment that  has multiple pools and multiple SBA’s the answer was rather elementary: restart the Lync Conferencing Attendant and Lync Conferencing Announcement Services.

The problem is this error will likely take you down the path of UCMA issues.  UCMA is not usually the problem. There could be other possibilities like the DC, or other server like the Lync servers themselves may need a restart. Please try these options before moving on to UCMA. You will likely find articles like this below:

Before you start manipulating the SIP headers manually (Lync Dev by Michael Greenlee), try restarting the conferencing attendant and Lync conferencing service. It will save you a headache. I found as a side note, if this issue is occurring on subsequent additions of  offices (conferencing locations, Lync SBA etc…) with conferencing set up, these offices may also exhibit  the issue until you finally restart said services. once this is done, this issue went away at all locations.

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