Remove WSUS from SBS 2011

Remove WSUS from SBS 2011 –

Make sure to cover areas of troubleshooting such as the 32 bit  APP in a 64 bit mode for IIS-This may appear to break things but all may not be lost. If you have IIS working but WSUS simplly needs to reinstalled, then you can safely do it with the Version that is already sitting on the server. Another download should not be necessary.

1. Remove WSUS from programs and features. Remove data base and logs
2. Go into IIS and remove the WSUS virtual directory
3. Remove the IIS app pool WSUS if it’s not gone already – If it doesn’t remove on its own –  appcmd delete apppool /
4. Go to C:\Program Files\Update Services and rename the updateservices folder to oldservices – take ownership if necessary
5. Navigate to c:\program files\Small Buisness Server\bin\cmpnents\wsus and run the install
6. Fix monitoring if necessary – not likely –
7. Move content if desired –

This process of course assumes you dont have some other issues going on in IIS. If you do, you will know it as there will be .net errors etc…. Happy hunting all.