Virtual Machine Queues are enabled in the network adapter

A couple of issues I have found out about here. One of them is related to the NIC driver and the other is

Power management. So this dos not cover all hardware but you may see this issue as showing up as a

Hyper v problem with Virtual Machines

Problem 1: My vm copies to other servers are slow.

Cause: Virtual Machine Queues are enabled in the network adapter


Solution: disable the setting. This is a common Broadcom setting.

Problem Number 2: There is a 3% difference in speed on the virtual machines on windows 2012 Virtualization. Again, this may not be on all machines. This is something I found out about and am Just putting out there.

Cause: Power management in the Bios

Solution: Turn off power management in the Bios.

Two small things but nevertheless, things that may give you an increase in VM throughput.

The first one I found on 2008 Hyperv and the second one on server 2012 so I dont know if they are things you might find else-ware but it may be good to know that someone else saw this as well.