Lync 2013 AV exclusion list

From the Lync Release notes there is some documentation in this regard:

Antivirus software can trigger application domain restarts, which can result in Lync Mobility Service 2013 and unified communications (UC) Web API client applications (Lync Web App 2013, Lync Mobile 2010, and Lync Mobile 2013) to lose their state.

Workaround (reproduced from Release notes):

To work around this issue, exclude the folders containing Web components and .NET framework from antivirus scanning. For details, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 312592, “PRB: Random application restarts with ‘Application is restarting’ error in ASP.NET,” at

The following folders should be excluded:

•%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Web Components\Mcx\Ext

•%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Web Components\Mcx\Int

•%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Web Components\Ucwa\Int

•%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Lync Server 2013\Web Components\Ucwa\Ext



In addition- The following  should be excluded:

LYNC SERVER processes:

  • ABServer
  • avmcusvc
  • ClsAgent
  • DataMCUSvc
  • DataProxy
  • Fabric.exe
  • FabricDCA.exe
  • FileTransferAgent.exe
  • IMMCUSvc.exe
  • MasterReplicatorAgent.exe
  • MediaRelaySvc
  • MediationServersvc.exe
  • MeetingMCUSvc.exe
  • MRASSvc.exe
  • OCSAppServerHost
  • QMSSvc
  • ReplicaReplicatorAgent
  • RTCArch
  • RTCCDR.exe.
  • RTCsvc


IIS Processes

  • %systemroot%\system32\inetsrv\w3wp.exe
  • %systemroot%\SysWOW64\inetsrv\w3wp.exe

SQL Server

  • %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.LYNCLOCAL\MSSQL\Binn\SQLServr.exe
  • %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\ MSSQL11.LYNCLOCAL\Reporting Services\ReportServer\Bin\ReportingServicesService.exe
  • %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\ MSSQL11.LYNCLOCAL\OLAP\Bin\MSMDSrv.exe



  • %systemroot%\System32\LogFiles
  • %systemroot%\SysWow64\LogFiles

I hope this is helpful if your error logs show the Meeting is dropping because of AV, like what happened in my case, you will be able to find a resource more quickly then I did.

The above information source material is from a great book I am reading. From The Book entitled Mastering Microsoft Lync Server 2013: I highly recommend it.

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