Lync 2013 notes for Reference.

I am studying for my Lync 2013 and have a method of studying the is nothing more then just scribbling in an messy structure that I can go back and read later. I realized, this one has a lot of stuff  I may actually need to refer back to in a support situation. Here is it in all its convoluted glory Edit find may be a good thing to use on this page.

The main high light of this study session was the discovery of the Scom Management Pack for Lync 2013. It looks a little involved, and it also looks like it may not be that popular because of the technical complexity and server requirement to set it up. In any case, the word doc is in the list below, along with some of my study items:

  1. Backing up Lync changed for 2013.Backup solution- export-csuserdata import-csuserdata. The dbxmipdb is deprecated
  2. To enable push notification– Add a hosting provider, add accepted domain, enable federation
  3. Use a client version policy to fix presence problems if the show available when they are not supposed to – Enhanced presence privacy mode is enabled for users – but may get messed up by older versions
  4. Hard to find article on using Scom mgmt pack Lync 2013 install Lync core components on server, -install Scom agent on server, install watchernode.msi on server
  5. External Dns records to support federation- sipfederation_tcp (port 5061) (SRV)
  6. External DNS records to support client sign in– sip_tls (443) (SRV)
  7. To assign regions to conferencing access number- modify the dial plan
  8. Windows app store – dns setup  records for Lync client connection for windows 8 has a lot of steps. but uses auto discover – lyncdiscoverinternal and lyncdiscover
  9. what shell command to make sure you can add a region to the dial-in conferencing access number (modify get or set-csdial plan )
  10. Setting a persistent chat room where a person can post the announcements, and only members of the group can see it:  use – presenters and type auditorium with the group specified.
  11.  Configure the firewall rule for central logging service – (TCP/) ( 50001 to 50003) (direction inbound to internal )
  12. Persistent chat  chat compliance service– not redundant if one server fails)

3. Can you upgrade Lync 2010 standard edition to chat server to 2013 standard chat : no – only enterprise

  1. What needs to be done to 2007 r2 communicator so it can do IM, presence and web conference for 2013.- nothing get Lync 2010
  2. Troubleshoot authentication for pilot users- 4 steps using start-cslogging, start, stop search, then snooper
  3. Clscontroller here is a good article on centralized logging services. (replaces ocslogger)
  4. Internal Peer to peer calls use av edge and access edge, mobility uses the reverse proxy
  5. Pool pair – associate a backup pool in topology builder, publish topology, run boots trapper and lync server
  6. Backup service Run invoke-csbackupservicesync
  7. Push is now done by mxx and uc api (autodiscover)
  8. Decommission 2007 r2 – move conference directories to 2010 from 2010 box, deactivate 2007, uninstall 2007 components, remove back compat site
  9. Hot desk – per user client policy
  10. Minimum sql servers or min server with persistent chat involved- final on server roles
  11. In a highly available chat pool – both servers are active -2 active chat servers
  12. Link to help desks in chat client can be set in the client policies (meeting configuration)
  13. Set-cdrconfiguration is used for monitoring call detail recording
  14. Unified contact store- set-csclient policy, set-csuserservicespolicy, new-cspartner application
  15. Legal disclaimer – set-csmeetingconfiguration lobby
  16. send legal disclaimer or set is with edge configuration for federated partners or new csclientpolicy
  17. manually admit someone to meeting from lobby set-csmeetingconfig
  18. Migrating response groups – all of the response groups for the pool are all moved.

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