Lync Chat server catagory cant be created – it must be less then 15 characters

Lync Chat server must be less then 15 characters

This is an odd declaration. However you will not run into this untill you move to create a goup chat catagory. When you do that, you may find yourself stuck on the support line for two weeks finding an answer. Well look no further. The Lync Persistent chat  server name must be less than 15 characters, to get your chat catagory to create. this is an additional gotcha below- 

before i show the screen shots, i will just share the tools needed to get under the hood with lync chat and power shell:

  1. Run enable-Cscomputer from the command line
  2. I have Had the persistent chat pool been recreated in topology builder? The RBAC permissions get updated when you publish the topology so it should resolve the permissions issue.




  1. 3.    Go to the deployment wizzard and reinstall the local configuration store-and lync server components. Most instructions say only to run the setup or remove lync server components. I have found that starting with the local configuraiton store is helpful in “re-propogating” permissions that may have been missed orriginally.


 4.    Add the administrative user to the “local: RTC Local Administrator group like  below. You have to log out and log back in after doing this.














5.    The next hurdle you will have it the channel servers are down. In this case you will have to run Set-CsPersistentChatActiveServer ServerFqdn -ActiveServers A{Add=”ServerFqdn”} –v Please restart the chat server service after doing this.

 After this, you should be able to create the rest of your Chat design, in particular, the “category”.  






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