Old e3200 Router? Flash it with DD-WRT

Well I had heard of some trouble flashing or maybe an issue with the usability of the USB port after flashing. For me, I really didn’t care about the USB part to much. I cant promise you anything in that front.


I can only say I used two items to flash mine, and they both worked perfectly. I flashed once, then I flashed again, and now I have all the features of this router I really wanted. The second flash even has Milkfish in the firmware. I haven’t used it yet but I can say the mega update looks to have any feature I had thought I may need. Anyway If you get stuck, you would have to comb the blogs to find out how to un-brick your device. This combination did work for me on the Cisco/Linksys e3200 router:


Flash this first to go from the Cisco firmware to ddwrt:

Then flash your desired build/version of ddwrt:


Happy Flashing!



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